Stereoscopic 3D Workshop

Posted on Dec 29, 2012 in Blog

Experience Stereoscopic 3D at the Digital Biscuit Workshop

3D production is in demand now more than ever with larger budgets making use of the technology and this year a Stereoscopic 3D workshop is one of many exciting workshops that Digital Biscuit is offering.

Used in films like James Cameron’s Avatar, Wim Wender’s Pina and Ang Lee’s The Life of Pi, shooting in stereoscopic 3D has shown its diverse applications and popularity across animation, documentary and film. Stereoscopic 3D means shooting live 3D, rather than applying a 3D effect in post production. It involves two cameras hooked up side by side, shooting at the same time and then compositing the images together.

The discussion and workshop will be hosted by Sigmedia who recently produced the YouTube hit Clockhead 3D as well as collaborating with the Royal Hibernian Academy and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland on a stereo-3D Surface Anatomy Guide which will revolutionize the way anatomy is taught in Ireland.

Check out the process behind Sigmedia’s YouTube hit Clockhead 3D below!

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