Involving Creatives

Digital Biscuit will place creatives at its core while also serving as a digital expo for new technologies. Amidst cutting-edge presentations and product unveilings, representatives from the creative industries will deliver talks, discussions and seminars on matters that are crucial to production today, with an aim to not only inspire but also enable and spur productivity and tangible creation. Directors, writers, photographers, producers, editors and directors of photography can immerse themselves in the bustling displays and demonstrations of new technologies in the KinoPlay Area, which is aimed at enhancing the production process and market for their creations.

Digital Stories

Digital Biscuit will host a number of internationally acclaimed film professionals who are at the forefront of new digital film-making techniques including Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father), Jack Reynor (What Richard Did, Transformers), John Knoll (SFX: Hugo, Star Wars), Jamie Wilkinson (CEO and co-founder, VHX), and Carlos Velasco (CEO, Neurosketch). The Talks are all about engaging with and fostering strong talent. The speakers will give inspiring talks on the landscape of fil as well as offering advice on how directors can use technology to break boundaries, enhance their work, and make their content even more visually creative.

Enable Creators

We would like to present technology providers as enablers to creativity who can encourage a liberated and fluid mode of production within a digital creative stream. The mode is not low-budget but rather all-budget, there is an option for anyone with the right skills and the right ideas to take production into their own hands. We want to improve the production capabilities of our most talented creators, from the simplest ideas to the highest budgets. We want to empower those individuals with strong talent and ideas to engage with technology in new ways.


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